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For the construction of a hydroelectric plant in Bremen-Hastedt four proposals had been submitted to the Senator for Building and Environment of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen on 30.06.2001. The representatives of all four companies, which had submitted proposals, gathered on 07.03.2002 and established the cooperative WeserStrom for a financial citizen participation. On 12.03.2002 Frank M. Rauch, managing director of the Environmental & Consulting Company and board member of the WeserStrom cooperative visited Enercon in Aurich for initial discussions about developing a turbine especially for the hydroelectric power plant in Bremen. 2004 the Weser Kraftwerk Bremen GmbH was founded, which developed the plan for construction. In November 2011 the water power plant was ready and since 30.11.2011 it produces electricity with 5 megawatts. The power was expanded with a second turbine in April 2012 to 10 megawatts.

View at the building with the part where the water enters the power plant

In the meantime the cooperative WeserStrom extended its activities to the entire field of renewable energies and on the outskirts of Bremen. Thus, several photovoltaic projects were initiated and partially financed.

We are experts in the fields of technology, economy, environment and energy

Based on decades of experience, we cover the entire spectrum of renewable energies from water, wind and sun:

Supervisory board

Dietmar Niehaus (elected 07.03.2002)

Peter Bargfrede (elected 07.03.2002)

Hans-Jürgen Schöningh (elected 08.12.2004)

Executive Board

Hans-Joachim Ewerts (elected 19.05.2003)

Frank M. Rauch (elected 07.03.2002)

written 08.09.2010, translated from German 11.08.2012, last update 31.03.2013