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Nuremberg, 11.07.2016:
We presented: "Integration and Optimization of Renewable Energies from geothermal sources, sun power, water power and wind power managed by international cooperation"
Canberra, 07.04.2013:
1 million Australian homes are now powered with solar energy! More information are published in the group at facebook and the community website.
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Sylt, 08.02.2013: The Landesbank Bremen is going to finance
German offshore wind power together with WPD.
Qatar, 01.12.2012: United Nations Climate Change Conference: Sun shines bright on Qatar’s low carbon future.
Bremen, 14.11.2012: Japanese and Norwegian delegates were welcomed at the meeting (Stammtisch, root table) of the association WAB (Windenergie-Agentur, the German Windpower Agency) on Wednesday evening, where more than 400 people took part. The guests from abroad are on the way to visit offshore wind power branches in Germany. Our represenative was also guest at the meeting. WAB
Ipswich, 07.09.2012: The world's largest Offshore Wind Farm is producing electricity,
see SSE information page.

In 2010 United Kingdom had the largest installed capacity offshore with 1,300 MW. It is expected that the United Kingdom will have about 28,000 MW of wind capacity in the year 2020. Recently China has the largest installed capacity - with 62,733 MW at the end of 2011, followed by the United States with 46,919 and Germany with 29,060.
written 11.11.2012, last update 28.07.2016