Solar enenergy

The German law to support renewable energy is valid since 29 March 2000, it was revised several times during the years. Predecessor was partially the Electricity Feed-in Act, created in 1990. An English translation of the actual text can be found here

At the general meeting on 22.11.2007 our cooperative decided for the statute:

„Renewable sources are photovoltaic, solar thermic power, hydro power, wind power. “

With this setting, we have taken account of the fact that the traditional use of biomass (burning of wood and vegetable oil) is followed by environmental hazards and is partly in competition with food production.

At present, renewable energies supply worldwide twice as much electricity as nuclear energy.

Wind power

Water power
An example in Bremen:
Since 1997 photovoltaic cells in the roof of the Café Ambiente, Osterdeich 69 a, 28203 Bremen, are producing electrical power
and protecting the room below against the heat in summer.
Translated from German 25.08.2012, last changed 22.11.2016

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