We are consulting in the fields of renewable energies and comparing investment opportunities. With our holistic approach, we also consider your financial resources for consumption (costs for heating, electricity consumption, etc.). For example, using of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption may be interesting due to the current development of electricity prices.
Upon request, you can receive a personal economic balance sheet for you and your family. Discretion is a matter of course.
With his behavior in investments (asset accumulation and security, retirement, etc.) every human being has influence on the economy. We are often unaware about this influence.

Picture from a Russian government bond of the year 1927
Picture from a Russian government bond of the year 1927

Registered members of the interest group will get basic advice (for your own household, the family business, etc.) at no extra cost. Non-members can use our services for a small fee. For companies and the commercial sector, the Umwelt- & Unternehmensberatung GbR (environmental & business consulting group) offers comprehensive services.
First written 12.06.2009, update 16.06.2017, translation from German 05.02.2018