These are the benefits when you enter our shareholders' association and cooperative:

There are no annual fee or similar ongoing obligations.

You can buy one or more cooperative shares of 100 Euro each, and you have the right to vote.

With your signature you will become a member of the shareholders' association. You pay only the registration fee of 50 Euro.

As a member you have to pay no costs for the purchase of shares, for the notary fees, legal services, lawyers, etc.

You can cancel your membership at the end of the following year, and you will get back the deposited amount plus profit sharing.

We advise you free of charge on investments - even existing - in the renewable energy sector.

Members of our association can participate in shareholder meetings, without buying any shares before.

Written 11.07.2002, first translated from German 18.08.2012, last update 04.07.2016